Research Group ID&EA - Integration of Design and Environmental Evaluation - Polytechnic University of Valencia - Department of Projects of Engineering

In recent years there has been an increased awareness of the important possibilities that Design in Engineering offers for the minimization of the environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle. This fact, due to the progressive evolution from the first approaches, more reactive to the environmental situation, soon led to a large number of proposals, experiences and publications that can be classified as Design for Environment (DfE).

The research group ID&EA (Integration of Design and Environmental Assessment) was stablished in 1998, as a result of the experience of its members in the area of Project engineering, in order to further research in this growing area. The increasing importance of Design in Engineering and the awareness of the significance of environmental problems in the industry encouraged its creation.

This is a pluridisciplinar group composed by doctors, professors and research fellows, specialized in areas such as industrial engineering projects, chemical engineering, environment, energy, business organization, etc.